Purpose in the every day

As Americans, we spend more than one-third of our lives on the job. But as Christians, we believe work is not simply a place we show up to every day. Work is something we are called and created to do—in an office, at home, on a job site, as a volunteer, or sitting behind a laptop screen at a coffee shop.
With so many hours, days and years “on the job,” how does work fit into or relate to Christians’ lives? How can our faith be strengthened by and affirmed for our vocations? What challenges must be navigated to prevent workplace burnout, a crisis of faith, or both? And how can faith be integrated into all the “doing” that gets done in a given day?
At Northeast Indiana Center for Faith and Work, these questions drive our mission. We are here to help you find the purpose in the every day. 


Faith & Work Happy Hour

Wednesday, June 9


@ The Hoppy Gnome, 203 East Berry St

Study Group: The Calling of Faith & Work

Wednesday, June 30 – Wednesday, August 4 (6 weekly sessions) 

7:00am – 8:00am 

@ Utopian Coffee + Kitchen, 118 West Columbia Street



Get equipped for work.


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    It’s not a classroom I’m used to. I’m seated at a long table, chairs gathered around. No orderly desks lined up facing a whiteboard. Instead, we’re set up in the middle of a community space. Toys litter the room, a kitchen opens onto our space, glass walls reveal the gymnasium next door.


    I’m usually strict about the noise level in my classrooms: it’s hard to concentrate when others are talking, when chatter and movement rise to a din. But here, the sounds are out of my control. Next door, in the gymnasium, primary students shout as they run and jump and climb. In our room, preschool-aged children and infants play and cry and demand the attention of adults. Around me, at the table, a group of women sit…..

    About Us

    Northeast Indiana Center for Faith and Work exists to help Christians in Northeast Indiana more deeply embrace their identity in Christ and its integration into their everyday work as they seek the common good of the region and beyond.
    We are a community based initiative brought together through a desire of Christian leaders spanning multiple denominations and industries to see our region flourish as the Christian community vibrantly lives out its calling to faithfully steward every aspect of God’s creation.