About Us

A community-based initiative promoting the reconciliation of faith and work.

Northeast Indiana Center for Faith and Work exists  to help Christians in Northeast Indiana more deeply embrace their identity in Christ and its integration into their everyday work as they seek the common good of the region and beyond.

We are a community based initiative brought together through a desire of Christian leaders spanning multiple denominations and industries to see our region flourish as the Christian community vibrantly lives out its calling to faithfully steward every aspect of God’s creation.

Our activities are shaped by a Board of Advisors who are committed to connecting, equipping and empowering Christians to live out the gospel through their work.


Jeff Ostermann – NEI CFW President (Sweetwater)

Ron Williams (Pathway Community Church)

Tony Opliger (Northeast Christian Church)

Sally Stitzer (Radix Advantage)

Larry Rottmeyer (former Taylor & Huntington MBA Director)

Brendon Maxwell (Utopian Coffee)



Everyday Working Christians – Whether your days are spent doing paid work, volunteering, caring for kids at home, caring for an elderly parent or serving in some other capacity – if you’re looking to grow in your understanding of God’s purpose in your work and in your ability to live this out for the benefit of others, we’re here for you. 

Local churches – The local church plays the key role in providing community, care and equipping for Christians. We actively partner with and serve churches who are looking to improve the holistic discipleship of their congregants and to advance the Gospel in our region. 

Organizational Leaders – Business owners and entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to invest in their employees and more broadly shape the culture of their organization can play a unique role in advancing the cause of faith and work integration. We proudly engage with these individuals to help them explore opportunities for increasing faith integration that leads to greater employee engagement and team performance. 

Community Leaders – Throughout the centuries, deeply held faith has played a foundational role in undergirding the integrity and ethics of any community. We actively connect with regional leaders who seek to strengthen these pillars of our Northeast Indiana region.



We act as a forum, catalyst, and resource – starting conversations, sharing information and providing training that helps believers find spiritual grounding in their vocational lives. This occurs through a number of avenues: 

Resource Sharing – through our Resources page and Monthly Newsletter we provide content that enables individuals to dive deeper with the development of their faith and its application to their everyday work 

Regular Events and Training Opportunities – all of our Events are open to the public and provide a casual and welcoming setting to join others in exploring faith and work connections

On-site Speaking & Consulting – Contact Us if you are a local church, employer or other community organization interested in having your people learn more about faith and work topics 

Facilitation of vocation-centered faith groups – One incredible way for faith to live itself out is when like-minded individuals in specific industries gather together to pursue redemptive opportunities in and through their vocations. We work together with these individuals to help support their gatherings and initiatives. 



Our 4 guiding principles play a key role in shaping our approach to faith and work conversations. All of these are rooted in a commitment to the historic Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. 

Theology Matters – How we understand God’s relationship with us is foundational to our identity and our ongoing formation. (Psalm 139, Galations 4:7)

Work Matters – God’s original intent for mankind included work, he will one day fully restore our work, and until that day Christians are empowered to help redeem our work. (Genesis 2:15, Revelation 21:1-5, 1 Corinthians 7: 17-24) 

Connection Matters – People and organizations in our region will flourish as Christians gather to be equipped and together pursue the common good. (Jeremiah 29:7, 1 Timothy 2: 1-2)

Mobilization Matters – The world will know God’s followers by their redemptive love as they go out into the world seeking to restore that which is broken and to serve through their work. (John 13:35, Colossians 3:23-24)for