All of our events & partner events are open to anyone and provide a welcoming setting to join others in exploring faith and work connections.

The Origins of Calling

Thursday, October 19

7:00 – 8:00am

@ Tall Rabbit Cafe + Community,

2001 Calhoun Street

What good does work bring to our lives? To the lives of others? It is vital that we understand the purpose of work and how God sees our work. Whatever form it takes, our work is important to God. It is through our work that we reflect God’s nature and meaning in a fallen world. A healthy perception of work and our identity is critical to recognizing and living out the call in our lives: to bring God glory. 

Join us along with guest panelist, Tony Hudson, Executive Director of Blue Jacket, to explore how a deeper understanding of our callings can profoundly impact our everyday work. 

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Past Event: Toward a Deeper Understanding of Vocation

Thursday, July 21

7:00 – 8:00am

@ Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 

917 West Jefferson Blvd

Discussions on vocation go back centuries and have been helpful to many in providing a framework for understanding how to prioritize and shape their approach to work and life.


Join us along with Rev. Thomas Eggold, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, to learn more about how a deeper understanding of vocation can reshape your approach to your day to day work.


Past Event: Global Lessons on the Social & Spiritual Impact of Work

Tuesday, May 24

5:30pm – 7:00pm 

@ Sweetwater (Conference Hall 1)

The importance of our daily work isn’t a subject of conversation that is unique to our region. Individuals around the world find themselves looking for purpose and meaning in their day-to-day just like those of us in Northeast Indiana.


Join us along with Matthew Rohrs, CEO of Sinapis, to gain a more global perspective on the importance of work and its social and spiritual impact.