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Cultural Clashes with Our Faith & Work: Independence

Thursday, June 20

7:00 – 8:00am (Doors Open at 6:45)

@ Tall Rabbit Cafe + Community,

2001 Calhoun Street

Some cultures value individual independence more than interdependence. This has been particularly true in the United States in recent generations. When people grow up valuing independence, they often prefer to be left alone. They value their own space and prefer to work things out for themselves. They may find it difficult to share with others. They may not even want to work with others.


The need for independence emphasizes the importance of individuality and autonomy. How does a high value of independence affect our own work and calling? In this session we will consider the role of independence and how it impacts the way we work and our relationships with others.


Join Dr. Larry Rottmeyer & a special guest (more info coming soon!) for this discussion on practical steps to reframe your own approach to your work.


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